My Dearest Love

What follows below is an open letter to my partner, Oscar Salinas, in celebration of our five-year anniversary.

My Dearest Love,

This week, we celebrate our biggest milestone to date – the anniversary of our fifth year together. It’s crazy to think that so much time has passed since we first began dating, even longer since you came into my life as a friend. In many ways, I still feel like the giddy 19 year old I was when I first met you. It’s a bit strange to feel like no time has passed at all, but also so rewarding to look back at this life we’ve built together.

When I look back on the last five years, it’s filled with so many incredible moments together. From the trip to Nicaragua, that really became the foundation of our relationship, to our recent trip to Mexico City, which allowed us to dig deeper to your roots and explore your family’s history. We’ve already seen so much of this world together, and with no plans for slowing down, I cannot for the new adventures ahead of us.

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I also recall the hardest parts of our relationships, all that we’ve endured. From our first year in Los Angeles, when we were broke and struggling to pay our bills, to all the hiccups and the times where I stumbled along the way. Through it all, you’ve have been my rock, my foundation, my arrow, my mirror, my light in the darkest of times.

However, when I look back on these last five years, what really sticks out to me is all that I’ve learned from you. You have challenged me in so many new ways. You have taught me what it feels like be comfortable and unapologetic in my own skin, never allowing me to feel anything but beautiful and brilliant. You have shown me what kindness looks like, as you open your heart to anyone who comes your way, always eager to help those in need. You have taught me about forgiveness and not allowing pride to take over in hard times. But most of all you have taught me about partnership.

The thing I love most about our relationship is our partnership – the balance we share between us. We are equals, we both work to match each other’s efforts. Your hustle matches my hustle. But beyond that, you have shown me how to put someone else, yourself, before I put myself. I’m still working on it, but I’m learning how to be a more compassionate and loving partner.

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At this point in our relationship, I often get asked what is my favorite thing about you. I notice that I always look forward to answering this question, usually with a big smile on my face. My favorite thing about you is undoubtedly your lack of an ego. You never front, never try to act too “woke” or “deep”, you just are. And that person that you are is so genuine and kind, it’s no wonder that anyone who comes your way is enamored by you.

Throughout my life, I have felt the power of manifestation and consciously emitting energy in the universe. I have seen the way that it has played out in my life, as I have been able to achieve many of my own goals and see many of my dreams come true. But perhaps the biggest and most powerful manifestation that has come into my life so far is you.

I think about the things my mother used to tell me about choosing a partner – “Make sure he comes from a good home and a strong family. Make sure he loves you more than you love him.” These things used to sound so trivial to me, until you came along and showed me the power of those two things. As a little girl, I would look up to the wonderful men in my life and would pray I would find my own man just as wonderful. Those manifestations came true with you.

zarosc (24 of 24).jpg

As we round out the last five years, we begin a completely new chapter in our relationship. We are now building on our foundation and planning for our future. We are manifesting new career changes, focusing on paying off our student debt, and really taking the next steps into our adult lives. My favorite part is that we are coming into our own, individual lives together. We don’t have to compromise who we are, or our goals, for the sake of our relationship. Rather, we have evolved in a way that allows us to go after our own individual goals together, with unconditional support.

I know that in you, I have a true partner, a best friend. That is what has made these last five years so incredible. We have grown together in a way that makes us both better people. I cannot wait for the future that we build together, and to see who we become as we walk through our journeys side by side.

Thank you for all the love, I hope that I’ve been able to return what you’ve given me.

Con Mucho Amor,

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.47.35 PM.png


Location: The Row, Downtown Los Angeles

Photography: Vanessa Acosta – @fromabolivian




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